No school mom days

It’s 5:47am. I’m lying in bed trying to decide if I will get that extra hour of sleep or if my six year old will come into my bedroom and be hungry. It was supposed to snow but it didn’t. So school was closed. And one thing I know for certain…

Nothing. I do mean NOTHING, will be done today. I won’t have time.

There will be no laundry washed, floors mopped or dusting done. I will not be running to the grocery store or paying my bills in town. I will only be cleaning up messes. All. Day. Long. I will be following a toddler around all day hoping she doesn’t dump yet another bottle of something from the bathroom in the floor. I will be making sure the dog isn’t eating crayons and leaving tiny pieces around for said toddler to eat. There will be a small pause in my day where I will find something edible for my family to dine on for dinner. But other than that this stay at home mom isn’t doing it today.

And that’s totally OK. My kiddos are healthy and happy. My husband won’t be here to notice (yes, shame on me I know) so why not let everything go until tomorrow? Mostly because I won’t have time tomorrow either. 

Being a stay at home mom means finding time to separate the really, really important stuff from the daily tasks. It means that while the groceries won’t get themselves, sometimes that trip to the store after your husband comes home to watch the kids is a blessing. I spend most of my day cleaning up “new” messes. It’s frustrating, and tiring and sometimes I don’t want to do it. Don’t get me wrong I love my kiddos. I love that my husband works so that I may stay home and nurture them. But some days it’s a Netflix and chill and do the minimum amount of mothering possible. I haven’t had a day like that in months. We are entitled. So here’s to pop tarts and chicken nuggets, TV shows and play doh. Entertain them is the phrase of the day. 

Hugs – kuddosandkiddos

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