Moms Vs. Dads

Why is it that kids never listen to moms? MAYBE your kids do. Maybe they don’t. And don’t get me wrong.. my kids listen to me. Just not when Dad is home. When my husband is home everything I have said for the entire day goes out the window. 

Let’s dig in. My 6 year old daughter is a free spirited, hyper child who loves to sing the same song over and over and over and… Well you get the point. At some point during the day I turn to her and say “That’s enough!” With my irritated mom voice. Which never works because she loves to sing so much that she will continue anyways for hours. 

Today is Saturday and so of course my husband and my children are at home. Dad is playing video games. My youngest is ruining some sort of game my 6 year old is playing and repeatedly I’ve told my 6 year old to quit whining. Now if it was normal work day and my husband wasn’t home… I’d only have to say this once. Nope. Not a chance. 3-10 times later.. and I still can here that annoying whining sound coming from the bedroom.

Finally dad steps in. “Enough” that’s it. That’s the word that goes ringing through the house and wouldn’t you know… Silence. 

So why is it that kids listen to their dads more? They are not around 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They don’t nag them to brush their teeth and comb their hair and all the other delightful things the kiddos can’t teach themselves. Dad’s don’t complain about the floor being sticky right after we have mopped. So the kiddos have heard mom say it a million times all day. Get down, clean your room, no, no no no no….

I’ve tried not to be a “nagging” mom. I don’t want to constantly tell my children no. I don’t want to complain about the room being destroyed right after I spent hours… Yes that’s right hours… Cleaning it. I’m constantly on the go here and there. And with my husband running his own business the constant business/mom life ratio is tiring. But let’s face it. I’m mom. I have to help my kiddos grow into the big responsible grown ups they are destined to become.

So I guess it’s just something us stay at home moms will have to live with. But man it just pisses me off! All the hard work and nagging all day and dad just snaps his fingers. Maybe I need a vacation… 

Hugs – kiddos and kiddos 

4 thoughts on “Moms Vs. Dads”

  1. I get it. My physiotherapist looked at my strangely when I sarcastically commented that my holiday starts next week when my kids go back to school. 8 days and counting ! It’s been a looong holiday.

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      1. Crazy! My husband finally goes back to work tomorrow so I organized. A play date for my kids at my house! That’s crazy! And I’ve on,y just seen the weather report – 60%chance of rain. 🙈

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