Why I started my blog

I woke up one morning after many, many days of thinking and decided yup, I’m starting a blog. I have no clue what I’m going to write about. I have no idea where to start. But I’m doing it. I wasn’t sure where to go except Google. And that’s where I found Word Press. After some reading and some thinking and some debating (there was a lot of that) I decided to go for it. Throw yourself out there. Do something for yourself. 

Well here I am. I’ve begun this scary journey into sharing my life and problems and thoughts with the world. I decided first that I’m not ready for people in my life to know that I have blog. I’ve changed dramatically in the last few years and well… Let’s just say I’m a chicken shit to see what they think about it. I shouldn’t be. I know I know. But I am. 

Let me tell you why I decided to start a blog. I need an outlet. A place to go with thoughts that are not really “acceptable” to speak out loud. I LOVE to talk. I’m a talker. Shocker I know. But seriously, I need somewhere I can share things. Because let’s face it, my mom friends are busy, my non – mom friends have jobs and that super special thing called a life and my husband… Well he loves to hear the sound of my voice but not necessarily every single waking moment. 

A little about myself. I’m a mom with 4 kids. I have a husband and two dogs. I play video games and do crafts. I like to sing and I usually don’t attend a family function without my camera. I am blunt. Very. Which usually gets me in trouble. But I have the biggest heart and I try to share it with everyone. Which also usually gets me into trouble. I plan on staying anonymous for now but that may change in the future. 

So I’m not sure what I’ll write about everyday. Or if I’ll write everyday. But here’s hoping that somebody out there enjoys reading it! Until next time…

Hugs – kuddos and kiddos

13 thoughts on “Why I started my blog”

  1. I’m with you. It’s really nerve wracking to think that those that know us can read our blog and know all of the weird things in our lives. I am a talker too. I talk to everyone, including people at the grocery store, pharmacy, restaurant, etc… My husband is anti social so he doesn’t understand the talking thing and honestly sometimes he doesn’t need to know what I’m thinking. When I have some time to think about it and put it down on paper it usually comes out a lot more developed than if I were to just say it when I thought it. Anywho, you have a fan here. Keep it up.

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  2. I love to read how people ended up writing their blogs. I started mine. OMG! I started mine exactly two years ago! I was unemployed and started my blog to help my sanity and give me something to do. I’m employed again but won’t give up my blog. My little community of readers are now my community of friends.
    Enjoy–and write with your heart not with what others tell you!


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  3. I can really relate! You’ve found a safe place! In my 2 years of blogging, I’ve only had 1 negative comment! Everyone here in the blogosphere is so supportive, and encouraging!
    Thanks for the follow! Now I have to go read more of your posts! Starting with Crazy doesn’t define me!!

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