Sewing the Stress Away


A few years ago I asked my husband for a sewing machine. I’d never used one. I had no idea how to use one, but I wanted one. I wanted to sew. I wanted to create things. I wanted to share my crafty gift with my friends and family. What better way to that? Get a sewing machine.

I was always a crafty person. I grew up doing different crafts as a kid. When I was 16 my Aunt bought me my very first cross stitch kit. I was hooked after that. I continued to do cross stitch into my adulthood. I went from cross stitch to hand sewing, embroidery, felt and paper crafts, you name it.

Now I have a Brother sewing machine. It’s not super fancy. It doesn’t do embroidery or have a long arm. It does have multiple stitches though and it’s computerized. I love it. I love putting pieces of fabric together to make something. It’s magical.

The first time I made something on my sewing machine (it was curtains, I know easy right) they were crooked and the seams were terrible. It was so funny and frustrating. How could curtains be hard?! Well they were, but they are still hanging on the window. I was so proud.

Now I try to make things for everyone. I haven’t had a lot of time to sew lately. Mom life had me stressed out and busy and I left my machine in the case. Just screaming at me to get it out. Finally today, I decided to make time. I remember now how much I miss making things. I feel better. Less stressed. Relaxed.

My kiddos get to watch me work and they love it. My 6 year old is excited when I get my machine out. My toddler is trying to figure out what it is. She likes to catch me off guard and sit on my foot under the table. Luckily for me I have a seam ripper. Haha!

I enjoyed sitting and sewing. I call it sewing the stress away. I have to pay too much attention to what I’m doing to think bout anything else. I sew during naptime, after bedtime and while my husband is home. My little escape from reality. Sometimes I have to stop and let my toddler crawl in my lap to get loves. It’s worth it. Always worth it.

I have big plans for this year. Every year I say that. Every single year. But this year will be different. I need to preserve my sanity and being in front of my sewing machine, does that for me. So here’s to a brand new year! Thanks for reading!

Hugs! -kuddos and kiddos
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13 thoughts on “Sewing the Stress Away”

  1. I hope you’re able to keep it up in between your other commitments! It really does make me feel better, too, and just seeing the things I’ve made around my house makes me happy. Sewing does sometimes feel like magic, doesn’t it?

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      1. There are loads of free tote bag patterns online. Barely even a letterman, measurements are all you really need. Quick and easy.

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