It’s all in a Name

Sooo here I am again. Waiting for that school day to end. Hoping my 6 year old is in a fabulous mood when she gets home. I sat here thinking about what to write about it and I had, yet again an ah ha! moment. The name of my blog. 

So Kuddos and Kiddos. Is it because it was easy to spell? No. What about easy to say? Nope. It wasnt even because everything else was taken. Shocker. I mean it’s hard to come up with a name for something when the good ones are taken right? 

My blog is Kuddos and kiddos because if you’re a parent, any parent. Man or woman. Mom or dad. Foster or not. Step -parent, gaurdian and the like…     I am sending you KUDDOS!  I mean come on people! This parenting stuff is hard! It’s not at all what they said it would be. It’s not all magic rainbows and brightly colored unicorn poo. It’s ups and downs and sideways and backwards. It’s emotions you didn’t know you had. It’s physically and emotionally exhausting. I mean that. You’re exhausted ALL THE TIME. 

There’s a constant wonder. Constant. Am I doing this right? Should I do this instead? Am I missing something? Will they grow up right? Will they be well adjusted human beings?  

The answer… Probably. Probably not. Who really knows right? We are just winging it. Day by day. Minute by minute.With everything. Literally everything. 

We as parents, know what works for us. We know our kiddos better than everyone. Which is why I’ve named my blog Kuddos and Kiddos. It fits. It’s perfect. Some days I need more kuddos than others. Sometimes we parents need a little pat on the back. So if you need one… If parenting gets you frustrated and emotionally unstable, head this way… I’ll be here. I will gladly give you the kuddos you desperately need. 

But I may also give your kiddos a loud and annoying toy to take home too. Or a pixie stick. Maybe a Pepsi.. you never can tell.. 

Hugs! – Kuddos and Kiddos

2 thoughts on “It’s all in a Name”

  1. Love the name. Seems perfectly with your message. It does get a tad bit tedious just sitting there trying all kinds of combos only to find name after name already taken. The most annoying are the ones who don’t even have anything on their “blog” but got to have the name you wanted because they got there sooner. Thanks for following my blog.

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