So as of this morning, I have 100 followers. I’m still processing. I basically had to keep myself from shrieking. I know, I know I’m an adult and it’s a blog but man am I excited! 

 When I started writing, I wasn’t really sure what I would write about. I wasn’t sure where to go, where to start, or if anybody would read my posts. I woke up one day and told myself ” Girl you need an outlet. Write!” And so Kuddos and Kiddos began. 

There are days when I stare at a blank page, waiting to be inspired. There are days when I am literally in the middle of “mommying” and  boom it hits me and I write. I enjoy sharing with everyone. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has read, commented and shared my posts. I’m so happy that people are enjoying my quirky posts about the real life that is motherhood. I am so excited to see where this journey takes me! I hope that everyone will continue to stop by! It can only get funnier from here right?

I have some advice for other newbie bloggers. Write. Don’t be afraid what people will think. Don’t wait. Do it now! Let it out! Let the words flow! Someone somewhere is going through the exact same thing and would LOVE to know that they are not alone! Write about what makes you happy, sad, angry. Tell us about your day! We are here and we are listening! Keep reading and sharing and writing! Ask questions if you don’t know something. There are so many supportive writers out there who are very willing to help you through!

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Big Hugs! – Kuddos and Kiddos

When I grow up I want to be a watermelon.

So this morning while waiting for the school bus, my 6 yr old and I had a conversation about when she was 3 years old.  I had asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she told me a watermelon. Yes you read that correctly. She was striving for excellence and apparently that meant becoming a fruit. 

 I mean I laughed at the time, thinking that I’m pretty sure being a watermelon doesn’t pay very well. Also there’s the possibility of being eaten at a BBQ. The struggle is real. 

Now that she is bigger, I’m thankful that her answer was not the same. I mean, I know she is six, but if she still thought that being a watermelon was in the realm of possibilities as an adult then I’m doing my job as mother extremely wrong. Or am I? I mean watermelons don’t have to do dishes. That’s a plus. Maybe I should have been a watermelon…

Well anyways, this morning I asked her the same question. What do you want to be when you grow up? She answered ” a pet vet”. So she wants to work with animals. She has always been a lover of animals. I’m not a cat person but I’m pretty sure every stray in the neighborhood has been named and is secretly fed by my daughter. That explains why they come back all the time. 

I also think her answer is adorable. She could have said ” a veterinarian” but “pet vet”is much cuter. I’m pretty happy with her answer. My daughter has the biggest, softest, heart ever. She is so kind hearted. I hope she gets to be a ‘pet vet’. I could definitely support that as a career! Much better than a watermelon! 

Hugs! – Kuddos and Kiddos

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Sure I sit all day.. that’s what SAHM’s do. 

So there a lot of hype about being a stay at home mom. We are over worked, under paid, and sometimes we give off the impression that we really don’t do a whole lot of nothing. So I decided to share my day with everyone. Hope we can clear up some of the confusion. (So for this post I’ve decided to use “boom”  and “bang” for the girls names. It will be easier to keep them apart. Boom is my 6 year old. Bang is my 2 year. Fitting isn’t it? Haha)

7:35am –  woke up getting smacked in the forehead by Bang. “Mama!” Yes I’m up. It has to be like 9 right? Nope. 7:30. Fantastic. 

7:45 am – Changed Bang’s diaper. Cleaned up 57 baby wipes off the floor that she pulled out of the package. Took pen out of her hand. Where did that even come from? Ugh. Put Bang on potty. Nothing. 

8:15 am – Boom is up. And she’s STARVING. Here comes breakfast… Eggos count as breakfast right? Got toaster out. Dropped butter in the floor. Cleaned up butter. Put waffles in toaster. I need caffeine.

8:24am – Sitting down to eat waffles. Boom needs a drink. Getting up to get drink. Bang dropped her plate in the floor. Need to make more waffles. Gave her my waffles. Gave up making me waffles. Started dishes. Put Bang back on potty. Nothing. New diaper. 

9:15 am – Cleaned up Tupperware lids that Bang got out and threw in the floor. Turned on the tv for the girls. Started laundry. Folded clean laundry. Took pen away from Bang. Where does she keep getting those?! Cleaned ink off the table and couch with hairspray. Put Bang on potty. Still nothing. Finished folding laundry and put away clothes. Got Bang and Boom dressed. Cleaned toothpaste off the wall in bathroom.. Added hairspray to shopping list. Sat down. Dog needs to go out. Let the dog out. Let the dogs in. Check on Bang. Put clothes back into her dresser drawers she pulled out. Made her bed. Put Bang on Potty, again nothing. 

11:30 am – Made lunch. Sat down to eat. I actually sat the whole time. About twenty mins. This must be where the all day comes from? 

Noon – Cleaned up lunch mess. Got Boom a drink. Wiped up milk in floor. Mopped kitchen floor. Got Bang another drink.  While in the fridge, Bang knocked over the mop bucket. Sigh.  Cleaned up mop water with towels. Put Bang on Potty. NOTHING. Ugh. 

1pm – Naptime. Put Bang in bed. Got her a drink. Changed her diaper. Left the room. Turned on the tv. Sat down. Here comes Bang. Take Bang back in her room. Lay down next to her. Getting kicked in the head. She refuses to nap. Get up get her another drink. She’s back in the floor playing with toys. Give up on nap. 

2:30pm – Get crayons out for the girls. Set them up at the table. Do more laundry. Clean 50 crayons off the floor. Wipe crayon off the table. Hang up artwork. Wipe up spilled drink. Take pen away from Bang. Throw stinking pen in trash can. Clean up ink of wall and table. Let the dogs back out. Put Bang on the potty. You know what happens.. Start prepping for dinner.

3:30pm – Start peeling potatoes. Break up a fight between Bang and Boom. Put Boom in time out for hitting her sister. Play in the floor with Bang and some blocks. Sneak away to finish potatoes. Let Boom out of time out. Listen to a very nice song Boom wrote in her head while in timeout.  Start prepping everything else. What does she have now? Toilet paper. Fantastic. Clean up toilet paper all over the house. Take shoe out of dogs mouth. Scold dog. Scold Boom for not putting her shoe away. Go back in kitchen to check dinner. Put Bang on Potty. Laugh when she says no. Take Bang off potty. Give up on potty. 

5 pm – Dinner is done. Fix the girls plates. Hubby is home. Another drink is spilled in the rush to daddy. Clean up mess. Sit the girls down to eat. Listen to Boom complain about green beans. Laugh at Bang for the mashed potatoes on her nose. Sit down. Eat. Clean up the girls. Clean up the table. Do dishes. Soak pots. Because I want something else to do tomorrow. 

6pm – Bang isn’t wearing a diaper.  Where is the diaper? Please tell me there no poo. Crap. There’s poo.  Put Bang in the bath tub. Put Boom in the bathtub. Clean water off the floor. Listen to Bang cry when it’s time to get out. Get their PJs on. Chase Bang around brushing her hair. Cleaned the floor where diaper explosion happened. Mop and bleach floor. Call to hubby to let dogs out. 

8pm – Bedtime. Tell Boom and Bang it’s bedtime. Insert imaginary ear plugs while Boom complains it’s bedtime. Tuck her into bed. Leave her room. Pick up toys in living room. Tuck Bang into her bed. Stand in middle of the living room forgetting something. Laundry. Fold more laundry. Put Bang back in her bed. Listen to her cries. 

9:30pm – sit down. Play game on cell phone. Pause game. Put Bang back in bed. Get her more drink. Sit down and play game. Get bored of game. Write this blog post. Stop in middle and put Bang in my bed. Bang is sleeping. Woo. 

10:30pm – eat ice cream.  Go to bed. Tomorrow will be fun. Haha. 

That’s a normal day for me. Share your normal and not normal with me! We mom’s have to stick together! 

Hugs! Kuddos and Kiddos

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The Bedtime Fight, Getting my Toddler in her own Bed.

So I’ve been trying to get my tiny kiddo to sleep in her own bed for months. I swore when she was an infant that she would sleep in her own bed and not co-sleep with us but that was a flop. She was in her crib until she was old enough to figure out mom and dad’s bed was better. I mean who wouldn’t want to snuggle with us? We are awesome. But still, it has been a constant battle to get her back into her own room for bed. 

Last night I caved and let her sleep with me. Which puts dad on the couch. We want to try and be as safe as possible when it comes to co-sleeping with our toddler. Also, my hubby isn’t amused by being kicked in the kidney at 3 am and my toddler and I are bed hogs. Yes I said it. I totally admit that the blanket is mine. I call dibs. Snooze you lose.

Tonight I have actually mastered the bedtime rituals. No matter how many times she has come out of her bedroom, I have put her back. I’ve changed her diaper, gave her new drinks, turned on the tv, turned the light back off a million times and have tucked her and all 100 baby dolls in. I have firmly told her go to bed when she comes into the living room to play. I’ve ignored her sneaking out of bed and playing with toys in the dark floor. 

She gets all excited when daddy comes in her room to put her back to bed. It’s almost pointless to let him try. She screams with delight ” Daddy! ” Then he has to explain to her it’s bedtime all over. He filled her cup, turned on her nightlight, told her good night, asked her to lay down and left the room. She gets up before he leaves the hallway and gets down to play with toys. 

She even got up and closed the door to her room. Apparently she thinks that when she does this, I won’t notice the extremely loud toy being dragged across the floor to the light switch. Or the light glowing from under the door, and that I will let her just stay playing. We seriously have a tiny genius on our hands.  She even went as far as pretending to close her eyes when I came into the room, even though she was standing in the middle. Also, she can’t close her eyes very well either, but she doesn’t know that. 

After about two hours of fighting with her and cleaning up messes and listening to her cry. She’s asleep. In her bed. Now I know that in about an hour she will be in my bed anyways. But I’ll take this as a win. She fell asleep in her bed! Woo! Go us! Maybe tomorrow we can make it without all the chaos. 

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Hugs! – Kuddos and Kiddos

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Why I won’t go out at Naptime.

So when I became a mom, I figured out that naptime was like, the best thing ever. I mean seriously, if you haven’t enjoyed the time your kiddos are napping to the fullest you are missing out. Next to their sweet smiles and angelic kisses it’s my second favorite part of the day. 

A lot of times I get asked to do something in the middle of naptime. I always say I’m busy. Everytime. And if I’m out around town I try to be home just in time for naptime. I don’t find pleasure in skipping naps. I just won’t do it. And here’s 5 reasons why…

1. My baby is growing.  She is a growing girl. Science somewhere on some website or in some book proves that growing babies need their sleep. She’s growing up and soon I won’t be able to enjoy the peaceful silence that is naptime because she will be too old to take naps. So no sorry I won’t be able to go to lunch today.  

2. Melt Downs. I don’t know about you guys but NOBODY wants to stand in the middle of the grocery store check out with a screaming child. Nobody. And if my little angel doesn’t get her nap, boy does she get angry. So I’m not at all interested in being in the middle of store with you when my kiddos decides to go cray cray. Nope. 

3. Dinner time chaos. If my little kiddo is tired and cranky from not getting her nap, I will have a permanently attached monster on my leg while I cook dinner. I will have to listen to her whine and screaming because I’m not holding her, while I’m peeling potatoes. It will not be pleasant. I am not interested. Rain check?

4. Goodbye bedtime, goodbye morning routine. If she skips her nap..Watch out because she will get her second wind right after dinner. She will be soooo full of energy. She will be giggling like crazy. Wanting more drink, playing with her toes, and whatever else she can find. Then when it’s time to go to sleep, it will be well before the normal time she is supposed too. She will wake up in the morning way too early and the following days nap will also be screwed up. So again, no thank you, we will have to go to the park at another time.

And last but not least.. 

5. I don’t want to.  I just don’t. Yes I would love to leave in the middle of the day and meet you anywhere you want and engage in adult conversation. There’s only so much Dora can talk to me about. But I just don’t want to give up that 30 mins or hour that I get to eat cookies without sharing. I won’t give up my shower, my time to do dishes, or my sanity. So no thank you. But maybe we can do breakfast? 

Hugs! – Kuddos and Kiddos

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Cleaning.. For a Mom

Sooo hi there. How was your day? We’re your kiddos behaved? My day was great! My kiddos were super behaved except the normal sibling bickering and fighting. I spent all day cleaning. All. Day. Long. 

I’m sure that everything I’m about to say is exactly how every other mom on the planet feels about cleaning. Some of us love it. Some of us hate it. I like having a super clean home, but I hate to clean it. I’ll come clean your house no problem. Mine is another story. 


Dishes are NEVER done. Ever. I hate dishes. I’m a procrastinator. I cook dinner, wait until morning, then fill pot with hot soapy water and possibly wash it before the hubby gets home. Possibly. Sometimes I get all excited about my super clean kitchen and do the dishes immediately.. but rarely. 

Then there’s the stuck on burnt mess on my cooktop. Ugh… I know and you know that if I had wiped that blob of spaghetti sauce up when it splashed out of the pan, I wouldn’t be looking at my stove like it was the devil right now. 

And there’s always a dish somewhere else in the house that we missed. Always. It’s under a bed or couch, or sitting on a table. 

Kids rooms:

OK so this is the part that other moms will disagree with me about. You either have an adorable tiny human with a cutest little room that you love to organize, or a scary, slobby teenager whose room you are scared to go into. Either way, crap, we are the moms and we have to clean it. 

Toy boxes are always full of more than toys. Always. Socks, lollipop sticks, half eaten Pop tarts, dog toys, that shoe you thought you lost a month ago, the list goes on. It’s literally a catch all for anything kid related. I have found some pretty interesting things in my kiddos boxes. 

Looking under the beds is down right dangerous. It is. Abort mission. I repeat abort mission. There’s going to be something scary under there and I’m not talking about a monster. Sippy cups are the Worst.  Then if you happen to have a dog like we do, sticking your hand underneath the bed might make you cringe a little when it comes out covered in dog hair that your vaccum can’t reach… No judgement from me.. trust me.


It really doesn’t matter how many times you clean your bathroom. It’s dirty. It’s covered in germs. I hate germs. They make my kiddos sick, then they make me sick, then I can’t be the best mom I can be.

There’s always pee where there shouldn’t be pee. There’s always toothpaste where there shouldn’t be toothpaste. There’s a small chance that, if you have a toddler like mine, there’s a pile of toilet paper next to the toilet on the floor. Bathrooms are gross. When you have kids it seems they are never stay super clean either. I cleaned my bathroom this morning. I think I may go do that again…

Then there’s laundry:

I have girls. They change their outfits like 37 times a day. They get random shirts out of the closet for dress up. They use 20 towels to wipe up real and imaginary spills. On the daily. I’m always doing laundry. I can’t lie though,  I love it. I love washing and folding it anyways. Most of the time I wait three days to put it away. It’s that mom life. I can’t help it. It’s clean that’s all that matters right?

After spending all day cleaning, I still have my living room and dining room left to scrub. I still have like 10 loads of laundry to wash. I still have tonight dishes to do.  I only found 3 lollipop sticks, one random shoe without a match and a half eaten dog bone. So all in all I’d say that … I completely wasted my time today cleaning because by this time tomorrow it will be exactly back to the way it was before and I will get to start all over again. Haha.
Thanks for reading!

Hugs! – Kuddos and Kiddos

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Valentine’s Day

Oh man Valentine’s Day. It’s tomorrow… In case you didn’t know from the heart shaped boxes filled with candy. I love Valentine’s Day. Date night! Woo! Go us! Wait… It’s Tuesday… Craaaappp…

So today I spent my day separating little candy goodies into bags for 25 little magical minions. I put little heart shaped stickers onto those cheap little plastic bags with pride knowing that tomorrow I would be responsible for those tiny minions turning into hyper ones. 

And I’m totally OK with it. 

Those little kiddos are going to be so excited when they see the tiny little Valentine’s that took an hour for my 6 year old to write names on. You know what I’m talking about. You know. 

They are going to be sooo excited to get the tiny little chocolate hearts too. The super sticky, chocolatey, gooey goodness. You pictured it didn’t you? 

There’s so much pressure for school parties. I mean we get a list and we have to buy cupcakes or snacks. Make goody bags. Be crafty. You can choose to opt out but I mean can you? Really? No. No you can not. Don’t be that mom. I mean you can be if you want too… But no. 

If we other moms get to spend hours baking and crafting and shit… Buy a box a premade cookies and call it good!  I’m down with that. However you mom. Be the best mom you can be! Be you. Buy the ones with the extra sugary sprinkles though because guaranteed I went for the most “hyper” stimulant I can find. Seriously. No joke. 

I like being crafty. I’m a crafty mom. I like making little goodie bags and decorating tables and making all of those tiny little cuteness filled party favors.  I have to say though, that I am also that mom that wants to be no where near that many children at once. Nope. I do it but I’m not crazy about it. I love my kiddos so what they love, I love… I just might need a gallon of ice cream after. I get through it. Mostly. Sometimes. Ugh it’s soooo hard. I don’t want to. Do I have too? Do I? Sigh.

Does that make me a terrible person? Nope. It just means I am a strong willed person who is set in her ways and the answer is NO. 

So to recap.. I love Valentine’s Day and I can’t wait to hang out with all the magical kiddos at their super special Valentine’s Day party tomorrow. Hope to see you and your kids there! 

Hugs! – Kuddos and Kiddos
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I grew up in a whirlwind of pain. Lies. Deceit. Moments that were so unimportant to the grown ups around me. Those moments were important, they just couldn’t see. They were drowning.

There was a lot of fighting between parents in my childhood years. Lots of screaming. Lots of “I blame you” scenerios. Lots of “go to your room” and “over my dead body” moments. I blame no one. I can’t. We are human. I blame alcohol. They were drowning.

I grew up in a big family. Driven by alcohol, cigarette smoke and bad jokes. Moments of rebellion through most of my teenage years, no fault but my own. I constantly tried to be a bad ass. I wasn’t. Not by a long shot, but the one thing I knew how to do was run. When the splatter of liquid from another bottle washed over the house like a hurricane, I ran. I deflected. I made noise so to speak, to take away from the severity of the many moments that were my childhood. I only wished that I had learned what I know now, back then. 

My mom.

I’m not sure what to say here. My mom is a complicated woman. Most of my life she has been consumed by an addiction that has become like nothing I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure if that makes her strong or weak. Who am I to say what battles she is fighting? But the fight has been long. Too long. It has changed me. Even when it didn’t change her. It made me a better mom. I pay attention more. I have grown into this version of myself that I hope someday soon she will actually be proud of. 

But it’s not required. 

My mom and I have fought so many battles. The war, I’m sure is far from over. My understanding is that mothers are supposed to be different. Nurturing and kind. Mine wasn’t. Mine was drunk. Mean. Narcissistic. She was too busy fighting against the very things that hurt or offended  her instead of seeing when she hurt someone else. She had tiny moments when she would come up for air and smile. It would be almost genuine. Then in a wave of alcohol… It was gone.

Recently I had a visit with her. It turned to chaos. I had taken this life I was given and rose above the hatered, pain and fear to purposely position myself into her life…Come hell or high water. And things were better. We talked. We laughed. We cried. Then in an instant. . . It was all gone. 

She said some terrible things. She acted terribly. Not in a ” I’m sorry I’ll never do it again” way. She crossed a line. A line that is not supposed to be crossed by your mom. The keeper of the cookies, the protector of young. And she was caught.

 I didn’t over react as I would have many years ago, I moved forward. Wanting to protect myself and my children, I vowed never to put myself or them in the same position again. So I distanced myself. Because my mother, the women who I thought had finally after all these years had turned into my best friend,  finally destroyed what shred of a relationship we had with each other. 

And the pain is like something I have never felt before. It’s a burning, intense, can’t catch my breath kind of pain. To find out that, after years of rekindling and trying to essentially “fix” our bond as mother and daughter, it was lost. In one very long and emotional night. 

The next day, was like nothing happened. Either she didn’t remember, or she didn’t want too. But I remember. The alcohol did not drown out the bad for me. So it was all there in the morning. The sun hit my face like any other day, but this day was different. This was a new beginning… One without the closeness of my mother – daughter bond. 

We still talk. I call occasionally. We have conversations as thought the world never stopped spinning for a night. But I remember. And as sad as I am that our relationship won’t go any forward than it is now.. I. Am. Relieved. I finally know where we stand. It’s easier now. I know what to expect. I can shield my children from the pain. Let them enjoy the miniscule moments they have with their grandmother where she is actually laughing. Actually happy. 

And I’ve made my peace with it all. I love my mom. She’s the only one I have. Without her I would not be in this life. But I refuse to have alcohol as a mother. And I’m so glad that I finally can understand the difference.

Maybe that will make moments with my mom easier to get through. Those tiny itty bitty moments where my mom shines through the 100 proof… And I can’t see her drowning anymore.
– Kuddos and Kiddos

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Some of the small details of this post were changed to protect people involved. I’m not an animal. This is something that has weighed on my heart for many months and until now I wasn’t sure how to express it. If you or a loved one battle an addiction, of any kind, I encourage you to seek help. Life is short. 

Also for my followers: I am in need of a legal way of posting pictures to my blog.. any suggestions would be great! Thanks for reading! Hugs!

I am Blessed

I am so blessed. It’s been a Loooonnnggg day. Too long. Winter has me thinking it’s 8 pm when it’s only 6pm. Which means there’s still two hours until I can call out PJs! These days are the worst aren’t they?

Husband came home for ten minutes. Ten. That’s it. But I’m blessed.

 Something’s to know about my husband, is he is amazing. He runs his own business, provides for our family, he’s a proud daddy. 

But some days, it’s really hard. The long hours at work and the lost weekends take a toll. He wants to be home with the giggles. I want him to be home with me. I want him to be home with the girls and they want him home too.  Did I mention I’m blessed?

I’m blessed because my man, my partner in crime, my husband… He works his butt off! Sure he’s gone a lot, but he sacrifices so much for our family.

 I have to constantly remind myself while I’m picking up the house during the day, mad about socks in the floor and piles of nuts and bolts on tables from his pockets, that he works hard. He works so I can stay home and raises our kids. He works to pay for everything that I have. Everything we have. Down to the last Lego on the floor. 

And I’m not grateful enough. I don’t say thank you enough. I am constantly complaining. Complaining about messy rooms and child attitudes. Not ever realizing that every single night he’s the one who eats dinner cold. He’s the one who gets 5 hours of sleep most nights and gets up everyday and doesn’t complain. I. Am. Blessed. 

Sure I take care of the house, the kiddos, take the trash off, pay the bills etc. But I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fun stuff it it weren’t for him. I wouldn’t be able to stay home and play with play doh and make crafty stuff with the girls, if it weren’t him. We wouldn’t have a home to keep us dry and warm, if it weren’t for him.

So how do we balance this life? How do we work out the kinks? I have no idea. Im winging it. I’m pretty good at it most days. Other days it literally kicks my butt. But I know that I am blessed. And if you have a man or woman that works hard like mine… Let the little stuff go. Think of the bigger picture. My husband is amazing. I don’t know where or who I’d be without him. I am so blessed to be able to have this life by his side. And I need to remember that. Always.

Hugs – Kuddos and Kiddos

Blogger Recognition Award

I am so excited and humbled to find out that I have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. I started this blog only a month ago as a way to let go of some thoughts that made me laugh and weighed on my heart. Thank you so much to One Flawsome Momma for nominating me! If you haven’t been by her blog check it out! It’s one of my favs!

Here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
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How my blog started:

I realized one day that I didn’t have an outlet. I needed somewhere to vent, discuss and give advice. Without worrying about annoying friends. So I came here and started writing!

My Advice: 

1. Don’t not write something just because you are worried about what people think. Be honest. Share your opinions and stories. Someone somewhere is going through the exact same thing!

2. Read! Search! Find other bloggers who make you laugh and cry! Be there for one another!

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