Being an Adult Means… *Rant Alert*

I’ve learned a lot in my years on this planet. All of the little tidbits of information that I have acquired in my life have led me to being an adult. They give me the knowledge necessary to go on my day to day life as a real live grown up. So what does being an adult mean?

  • Choice. Action. Consequence. Every decision you make, whether that is running a red light to not paying bills, has a consequence. If you have children, you make a choice to take care of them. You show action by doing so and the consequences are supposed to be that your children grow into well adjusted adults. But when you choose the wrong choices, and then take the wrong actions, your life spirals out of control.
  • Figuring that crap out for yourself. Your highschool teacher told you. Your parents told you. Hell I probably tried to tell you. As an adult. You figure everything out on your own. Picking a car, where to live, when to go to the doctor, when to have kids… The list goes on. But it’s all you buddy. Just you. Being a big bad adult. Doing your thing. 
  • Parents are not going to help you! They did their job as parents. They raised you. They gave you all of their quirks and money and food. Now it’s time to move out and be on your own. Get a dang job! Pay them back for every temper tantrum and sleepless night. Do it. Now. Why? Because your an adult.
  • Government funds were meant for people who need it. You can’t expect the government to pay your way either. That’s not what food stamps and other funding was intended for. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a group of people that said “ let’s get some money together and give it to these people who wants to make bad choices and not adult. ”  

I think that my generation has lost its marbles. My opinion of course. But how I is it that some of us are doing fabulous while others still can’t seem to get the concept of it at all? If your grown, have kids, have a wife or a husband and can’t keep a job (and not because of lay offs or personality reasons, simply because you are in fact lazy and think everyone else will pay for all the children that you had because you were not smart enough to wait until you could afford a big family) , if you are an adult who doesn’t make good choices and choose to not be the role model you should be for the younger generation, then don’t expect the rest of us to help you adult. 

Adults for is hard. We barely make it too. We can’t be there for everyone else as well.

Sorry for the rant! Sometimes you just have to put it somewhere. 

Hugs! -kuddos and kiddos

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