Valentine’s Day

Oh man Valentine’s Day. It’s tomorrow… In case you didn’t know from the heart shaped boxes filled with candy. I love Valentine’s Day. Date night! Woo! Go us! Wait… It’s Tuesday… Craaaappp…

So today I spent my day separating little candy goodies into bags for 25 little magical minions. I put little heart shaped stickers onto those cheap little plastic bags with pride knowing that tomorrow I would be responsible for those tiny minions turning into hyper ones. 

And I’m totally OK with it. 

Those little kiddos are going to be so excited when they see the tiny little Valentine’s that took an hour for my 6 year old to write names on. You know what I’m talking about. You know. 

They are going to be sooo excited to get the tiny little chocolate hearts too. The super sticky, chocolatey, gooey goodness. You pictured it didn’t you? 

There’s so much pressure for school parties. I mean we get a list and we have to buy cupcakes or snacks. Make goody bags. Be crafty. You can choose to opt out but I mean can you? Really? No. No you can not. Don’t be that mom. I mean you can be if you want too… But no. 

If we other moms get to spend hours baking and crafting and shit… Buy a box a premade cookies and call it good!  I’m down with that. However you mom. Be the best mom you can be! Be you. Buy the ones with the extra sugary sprinkles though because guaranteed I went for the most “hyper” stimulant I can find. Seriously. No joke. 

I like being crafty. I’m a crafty mom. I like making little goodie bags and decorating tables and making all of those tiny little cuteness filled party favors.  I have to say though, that I am also that mom that wants to be no where near that many children at once. Nope. I do it but I’m not crazy about it. I love my kiddos so what they love, I love… I just might need a gallon of ice cream after. I get through it. Mostly. Sometimes. Ugh it’s soooo hard. I don’t want to. Do I have too? Do I? Sigh.

Does that make me a terrible person? Nope. It just means I am a strong willed person who is set in her ways and the answer is NO. 

So to recap.. I love Valentine’s Day and I can’t wait to hang out with all the magical kiddos at their super special Valentine’s Day party tomorrow. Hope to see you and your kids there! 

Hugs! – Kuddos and Kiddos
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photo credit: Anne Worner <a href=”″>Forest of Hearts I</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;

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