The Bedtime Fight, Getting my Toddler in her own Bed.

So I’ve been trying to get my tiny kiddo to sleep in her own bed for months. I swore when she was an infant that she would sleep in her own bed and not co-sleep with us but that was a flop. She was in her crib until she was old enough to figure out mom and dad’s bed was better. I mean who wouldn’t want to snuggle with us? We are awesome. But still, it has been a constant battle to get her back into her own room for bed. 

Last night I caved and let her sleep with me. Which puts dad on the couch. We want to try and be as safe as possible when it comes to co-sleeping with our toddler. Also, my hubby isn’t amused by being kicked in the kidney at 3 am and my toddler and I are bed hogs. Yes I said it. I totally admit that the blanket is mine. I call dibs. Snooze you lose.

Tonight I have actually mastered the bedtime rituals. No matter how many times she has come out of her bedroom, I have put her back. I’ve changed her diaper, gave her new drinks, turned on the tv, turned the light back off a million times and have tucked her and all 100 baby dolls in. I have firmly told her go to bed when she comes into the living room to play. I’ve ignored her sneaking out of bed and playing with toys in the dark floor. 

She gets all excited when daddy comes in her room to put her back to bed. It’s almost pointless to let him try. She screams with delight ” Daddy! ” Then he has to explain to her it’s bedtime all over. He filled her cup, turned on her nightlight, told her good night, asked her to lay down and left the room. She gets up before he leaves the hallway and gets down to play with toys. 

She even got up and closed the door to her room. Apparently she thinks that when she does this, I won’t notice the extremely loud toy being dragged across the floor to the light switch. Or the light glowing from under the door, and that I will let her just stay playing. We seriously have a tiny genius on our hands.  She even went as far as pretending to close her eyes when I came into the room, even though she was standing in the middle. Also, she can’t close her eyes very well either, but she doesn’t know that. 

After about two hours of fighting with her and cleaning up messes and listening to her cry. She’s asleep. In her bed. Now I know that in about an hour she will be in my bed anyways. But I’ll take this as a win. She fell asleep in her bed! Woo! Go us! Maybe tomorrow we can make it without all the chaos. 

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3 thoughts on “The Bedtime Fight, Getting my Toddler in her own Bed.”

  1. Bedtime is rough part of the day. They’re never ready when we are! Not sure if you’re looking for unsolicited advice or not, but have you considered removing all distraction from her room? If she has no toys to play with (or whatever else to distract her) she might be less likely to get out of bed. Keep up the good fight. She’ll get there eventually! 😀

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