So as of this morning, I have 100 followers. I’m still processing. I basically had to keep myself from shrieking. I know, I know I’m an adult and it’s a blog but man am I excited! 

 When I started writing, I wasn’t really sure what I would write about. I wasn’t sure where to go, where to start, or if anybody would read my posts. I woke up one day and told myself ” Girl you need an outlet. Write!” And so Kuddos and Kiddos began. 

There are days when I stare at a blank page, waiting to be inspired. There are days when I am literally in the middle of “mommying” and  boom it hits me and I write. I enjoy sharing with everyone. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has read, commented and shared my posts. I’m so happy that people are enjoying my quirky posts about the real life that is motherhood. I am so excited to see where this journey takes me! I hope that everyone will continue to stop by! It can only get funnier from here right?

I have some advice for other newbie bloggers. Write. Don’t be afraid what people will think. Don’t wait. Do it now! Let it out! Let the words flow! Someone somewhere is going through the exact same thing and would LOVE to know that they are not alone! Write about what makes you happy, sad, angry. Tell us about your day! We are here and we are listening! Keep reading and sharing and writing! Ask questions if you don’t know something. There are so many supportive writers out there who are very willing to help you through!

Thank you so much WordPress bloggers for the amazing support. I can’t wait to see where this takes me! Check out my Facebook Page

Big Hugs! – Kuddos and Kiddos

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