Cookie Crumbs

So has anybody ever noticed that if you give a toddler a cookie it ends up in places they didn’t even take the cookie? How does that happen? How do they get tiny little crumbs all over places they didn’t even go near? Is it magic? Does the dog do it? Do the cookie particles move themselves? Seriously, what gives?

 I gave my toddler a cookie today. She took it in the living room. When I got into the living room to sit down there were crumbs on the chair, the floor and the back of the couch. She got cookie crumbs on the lampshade, that I’m pretty sure she never touched. 

She took it in the bedroom. There were crumbs on the floor the bed and on her favorite baby doll. She even managed to get crumbs on the remote. That she can’t even reach. Because it is high on her dresser.  So she either climbed up the dresser and I’m a terrible mother who doesn’t pay attention, or she threw her cookie crumbs up there. I mean, how in the heck did they get up there? I never saw her put them there. Her fingers can barely grab the top of the dresser. Ugh. Anywho…

She took the cookie into the bathroom. I obviously told her to get out of the bathroom.. but I had to clean up crumbs. They were on the floor and the side of the tub. Smashed into the rug, you name it. 

She took that same cookie into my room. She climbed on my bed and demanded the tv be put on. I got her off the bed and turned the tv on in the living room. Then guess what happened. Yup. I cleaned up cookie crumbs.  They were on the bed, the floor and on the desk. 

She ended up eating two more cookies. My life today was cookie crumbs. Also, when I went to get into bed tonight I had cookie crumbs in between the blankets.  She didn’t even get in between the blankets. 

Someone tell me how they do that! 

Hugs! – Kuddos and Kiddos

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6 thoughts on “Cookie Crumbs”

  1. I don’t allow my kids to take food anywhere else but our kitchen and dining area. Even if they are sucking on a candy or eating a cookie they should sit and eat. Our society multi-tasks so much that things should move more slowly for kids. They need to sit and eat. I strap them in and they sit. Start doing it from young so they know what you expect.

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