I’m over the bad mom thing. Over it.

So do you remember that day last week when the dishes were piled up? That day when you spilt the drink on your laptop? That day when your kiddo said “mom” 3,789,456 times? The day when you felt like you failed as a mother because you screamed at your toddler for coloring on the wall? The day you thought would never end and how you just wished for bedtime? 

What about the day that you fought your kiddos to get in the car, dropped your coffee in the driveway all over your purse, and then drove to the store only to realize that your child took off their shoes before you left the house? What about the woman who sneered at you from her shopping cart in that how dare she make that baby walk around this place without shoes look?

What about the time you tried to get your child to leave the park and she threw herself in the sand box kicking and screaming? Then you had to drag her out like a football carrying all your crap in front of twenty other parents silently judging you?

As mom’s we are entitled to a bad day. What we are not entitled to, is making another mom feel terrible because she is having a bad day. Bad days happen. Sometimes they happen more often than not. And I’m sick of seeing other moms belittle another for their bad day mistakes. I can’t even begin to tell you the kinds of things that have happened to me on my bad days. Does it make me a terrible mother? No.  Does it make me less of a mother? No it doesn’t. 

For some reason though, in the eyes of other moms and sometimes dads, you don’t make the cut in the parenting world. 

This world is big enough for all kinds of parents. There’s no reason to belittle someone because of a bad day. You dont  know what kind of battles they are fighting. You have no idea if they were up all night because their child is sick. You have no idea what kind of messed up situation they are in. You don’t know how tired they are. Or how over it they might be.

All I know is that the next time I’m at the store and I see a mom struggling, my go to thought won’t be ” what a terrible mother”. And all too often we moms have a lot to say on the matter. Me included. Enough is enough. Close your mouth. Keep it to yourself. There should never be a reason that a great mom should feel like a bad one. There should never be a situation where a mom rethinks her role as a mother because of something a stranger did or said. 

There should also never be a situation where family or friends have something to say on the matter either. Do you have kids? No? Then close your mouth. You have no idea what parenting is like until you actually have kids and parent.

Instead of speaking your mind about something you don’t know about, start saying things you do know. Like You’re doing a great job mom”  and “Dont worry we have all had bad days” .

Be kind. Always be kind. This world will fall to pieces if we can’t lead by example for our children. Show them we are not just a bunch of cranky old woman with kids. Say something nice. Put a smile on their face. Make someone’s day. Don’t forget about dads either! Everyone is entitled to their bad day. 

Hugs! – Kuddos and Kiddos

7 thoughts on “I’m over the bad mom thing. Over it.”

  1. There is just no training whatsoever for parenting. Not even 3 kids will teach you how to deal with a fourth. Well done to every parent, especially to single parents who have no one to pass the child to and say YOU HAVE HIM/HER!!!!!!

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    1. Every day is special. We can never have it back. The best compliment my kids could ever give me, is when they said “they had the best childhood…thanks mom!” Just love your kids…teach them right from wrong. Share your values and morals so they grow to be awesome dads and men.

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