Don’t Leave Before you Clean!

So as parents we are supposed to teach our kiddos how to be decent human beings. We start young with how not to color on tables and walls. Then we graduate to things like don’t chew with your mouth open, and clean up your mess. 
One thing I’ve seen that drives me nuts is when my kiddos go to someone’s house and makes a mess. Being a mom of tiny humans has given me a certain level of knowledge in the cleaning up messes department. And it’s not my fav. I also can’t even deal with other kids in my house making messes, IF their parents leave without making them clean it up. 

Let me elaborate. 

1. This is my family’s home. The location of my happiness, my bubble, my mess. MINE. Not yours. MINE. So.. when I spend all day cleaning up after my own kiddos and their room is all shiny and clean, I’m not at all interested in cleaning up all the toys left behind from your kiddos hanging out. I have enough messes to clean. That means, that if the toy box wasn’t upside down and the toys weren’t spilled out all over when you got here… Then it’s good mom etiquette to make sure it isn’t when you leave. 

2. My kids will HAVE to clean up messes at your house. Period. They destroy it, they clean it. It’s all about respecting someone else’s property. Not to mention as I have before, I know what it’s like to clean all day. Everyday. I’m pretty sure that I will be cleaning for all of eternity.  Also sure I didn’t sign up for that on paper anywhere… Unless they gave me paperwork during labor I didn’t read, in which case read your stuff ladies. Ha. But seriously, I want my kids to respect other people’s property. I want them to go to other people’s houses as a grown up and help clean dishes after dinner. I want them to not break their friends stuff. I want them to just be decent human beings. 

3. It’s not fair.  Pretty sure if I came to your house and started throwing your stuff around the living room and then bounced you’d be pretty upset. The same goes for ours kiddos. My daughter takes 7 days and 7 nights to clean her room. I can’t ask her to clean a mess she had help making. Well I could but that’s not really fair… Or is it? No. No. See now I’m giving myself ideas. If I ask my daughter to clean her room after several children have been in there making a mess, it will lead to disaster. I will definitely end up yelling. So again. Not fair. 

4. I also understand that toddlers won’t clean up their mess. That’s where you come in. Being a mom means having to clean up their mess. Even if that means at my house. Same goes for me. Like I mentioned before it’s good mom etiquette. 

It’s all for a good cause I swear. I want my children to be responsible for their actions. I want them to grow into decent human beings. If this is only one step in the right direction… Then let’s start here. 

Hugs! – Kuddos and Kiddos

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11 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Before you Clean!”

  1. I fully agree! But some part me argues that I’m your guest. I shouldn’t have to clean your house. I look at it as an adult. If I invite you to my house for supper, I don’t expect you to clean the dishes afterward. It’s nice if you do, but I don’t expect it. So part of me doesn’t expect your kids to clean my house, even if they did help make it. I try to make mine clean up any messes they make. It’s easier to do when we’re out than it is at our own house.

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    1. I think it’s a matter of respect for the homeowner. While I agree that not expecting guests to clean up after a dinner party I also expect both adults and children not to come in, create a disaster area, then breeze out. Being a guest doesn’t entitle you to be rude. And it teaches kids that they are responsible for their own messes.

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      1. I totally agree with that… If my kids go into someone elses home and start dumping toys I totally expect them to clean it up. While on the other hand if all the toys were already dumped prior to our arrival I won’t be as strict with how much they help clean.

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  2. LOL, see if that had been my son, when he was little, he would have politely said we have to clean up 🙂 We had a ritual about it. While I was making his lunch he picked up all his toys, ate too his nap. Before bath, pick up all his toys, bath then bed. So, yes when his friends came over the toys were picked up before they left.

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