Sit Down and Shut It Up: Parents Who Talk Bad About Parents. 

I don’t understand what the problem is. If our kiddos are clean, fed, and cared for that’s what matters right? So why do we keep putting other parents down for things? Why do we take it upon ourselves to be total judge mental tards? Yup that’s what I said, tards. Better than what I was thinking. 
I’m so tired of hearing about what this parent or that parent did or didn’t do. Most of the time, it’s from someone who IS a parent. Now I know darn well that you have been through tough parenting moments. Hence the word ‘parent’.

I know that you have been up every hour on the hour, comforting a sick child. I know that you have had a toddler who will only eat the jelly off their bread, instead of the whole dang sandwich like a normal person. Or have a child ask for a banana only to throw it in the floor. Or eat two bites of their food and ask for a snack. This list of food examples could get intense. I’ll end it here…

I know that you, a parent, of children, have had to physically hold down your child to get boogers out of their nose. You have turned your head for five seconds and your child has wrote on the wall… In their own poo. If that’s something that has only happened to me I’m disappointed. Seriously. 

I know that you have fought your kiddos for an hour to get them to go to bed at night. Listened to their whiney cries when they don’t get a nap. Fought with them over a candy bar at the grocery store. Let go of their hand in the parking lot to get your keys out of your purse, only to have a heart attack when they almost get hit by a car. Let go of your child at the zoo and freaked the hell out because he disappeared around the corner while you were looking at the penguins with the other kids. Come on those little buggers are adorable..

I know that you have put Band-Aids on imaginary boo boos.  Played tea party with a child who won’t let you look at her stuffed bear. I know that you have screamed at your child for nothing except that whatever you told them to do, they didn’t do, and probably didn’t need to be yelled at like that but OMG JUST LISTEN. I know that you have ate all the rest of the candy so the kids couldn’t. Guilty as charged. 

I know that you have tried teaching them how to use the potty, only to fail. Currently going on at my house. I know that you have dropped an entire gallon of milk on the floor, had to get in your vehicle and go to the store, at midnight, all while your child screams bloody murder in the back seat because they want milk. (True story)

I know that you have cleaned, repeatedly. Everyday. For hours. I know that the laundry is never done. The dishes are always dirty and the house is always messy. I know that you are EXHAUSTED. So why in the hell do I always hear things about “bad moms” or “terrible dads” from people who are parents?

If you SHOW UP day in and day out. If you try your very best to do every single thing in your power to ensure the healthy, positive growth of your children, even when you might make a mistake… Then shut the hell up. Yup. Shut it up. 

You have no right to judge another parent. 

1. Not your business. 

2. Not your business. 

3. You are literally going through or have gone through the same things that they are. 

4. Not your business. 

And if you DON’T show up. If you don’t TRY. If you aren’t there. Then you don’t have the right to judge a parent who does. So shut up. Sit down. Step aside. 

Because parents, real ones, we know what the day to day is about. We show up. We put our big, grown up britches on and we laugh at the mistakes and we learn from them. So stop putting all the other parents down. You have no idea what they might be going through. Or what toddler, pre-teen or teenager they have to hide from. 

If parenting was easy there would be a book. Being a parent, I know there isn’t a step by step guide book. Trust me I checked. 

-Kuddos and Kiddos

12 thoughts on “Sit Down and Shut It Up: Parents Who Talk Bad About Parents. ”

  1. There is a way to be a poor parent. However, if you’re trying then a poor parent you are not. So for parents to put down parents who are trying is a shame. Just as we know what’s best for our kids, they know what’s best for their own.


    1. I got maybe a little carried away with my rant there. But I think that parents need to stick together, not talk bad about each other. It’s a shame that isn’t so.

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      1. It was a good rant because you’re right. There’s not need for parents to attack and judge way the others parent. We all have own ways of doing things and often times they are different from the way someone else might do it.

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  2. The only caveat I would place here (based on recent life experience) is for goodness sake, continue to parent outside the home. We’ve recently had an expensive meal ruined by someone else’s kids running rampant around the restaurant; scooters and shoes stolen (oh, he just wanted to see what it was like. My response: really? Get a ducking job and buy your kid the $30 scooter!) And my car run into. That last is going to cost me more than short term as the no claim bonus and discount are gone.

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  3. I think there’s a middle ground. Yeah, we all have floors that are dirtier than we want, but BRAGGING about having dirty floors? I had dirty floors a lot as a kid, and guess what? I did notice. And it made me feel..y’know…dirty. My family chooses to eat mostly organic, but I couldn’t give a flying flip if your family does or not. But maybe don’t go on facebook and brag about how your kids “lived on drive through and cupcakes this week”, because you’re kind of daring someone to judge you.

    It’s fine to make different choices, but when you start to mock other moms such as “Don’t mind the dirty floors, MY children are making MEMORIES” (which is so gloriously passive aggressive), when we only post unrealistic snapshots of your life, when we humblebrag, we get defensive. Being a mom is HARD. We mostly are, on the best of days, emotionally weary. So passive aggressive shit posted to make ourselves feel better about our dirty floors becomes a war, because we’re all so fucking tired and the mom who does have clean floors
    feels like you’re judging her, and…so it goes.

    I almost wish we could just be honest and say what we feel, and then accept we have different points of view, and move on. I feel that being a stay at home mom is BEST for my child. That is why I’m a stay at home mom. If you make different choices, I don’t think you’re making the best choice for your child. I fully, apologetically, disagree with moms who work outside of the home by choice. But it’s not my child, so guueeeessss what? It doesn’t. Actually. Matter. I’d rather have someone straight up disagree to my face, than passive aggressively tell me I’m not as good of a parent because I mop my floors, or that I’m an idiot because I buy organic cheese/ don’t buy organic cheese.

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    1. I agree. It’s hard to be a mom. Sometimes we forget that each person does things in their own way. I clean all day one day and let it all go the next. Doesn’t make anyone a “bad mom” just because they want to sit on the couch or play with their kids one day. It becomes a battle that’s unnecessary between moms. We should lift each other up and support each other. Kids are mean enough. 😂

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      1. You aren’t wrong. I think a lot of it has to do with that fine line of feeling good enough, which, even with all the support in the world from spouse and kids and our mama tribe, has to come from within *cute disney music*

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