Who needs sleep?

Do you know how hard it is to function on little to no sleep? Of course you do, you’re a mom. Our very existence in our house means no sleep. Or at least very little.

My husband sleeps through everything. I mean everything! If there was a burglar or a tsunami it wouldn’t matter. He sleeps through it all. I would have to walk him up and by then our family would be in peril.

Last night my 2 year old decided to play let’s see how many times mom can come in my room. It’s a fun little game in our house and it starts with the baby monitor lights hitting Max at least once an hour.

Most of time, my fun loving beautiful mini, will only require a diaper or a drink and all is right with the world. Well not last night. Last night we took this game to the next level.

– Midnight. Mini needs a drink. Mini doesn’t like the blanket wrapped up around her arm. Fixed. Done. Boom. Bed. …. Nope.

– 1:30am. Mini wants her TV turned back on and another drink. I didn’t put the lid on all the way in my sleepy stupper and it spilled EVERYWHERE. Luckily only in kitchen. Sigh. Spent 10 Minutes cleaning it out of the floor.

– 2:45am. I hear giggling. At first I think ..she’s asleep dreaming right? No. She’s in the floor playing with a troll and a monkey. I ask her what’s she is doing and I’m told playing. Oh. Sorry I didn’t realize 3 am was the great time to play. Don’t mind me I’ll wait over here…It was 3:15am before I got her in bed again.

5am. – Drink again. (I tightened it this time.. I think.) Changed her diaper and stumbled back to my room where my husband peacefully snored. Except there is nothing peaceful about a man snoring so loud that he scares himself awake.. or I may have elbowed him. Can’t be certain at this point.. very tired.

And now we are at 7am. I’m watching Little Einsteins with a super hyper 2 year old. How does she survive on that much sleep? I’m pretty sure I’m not going to make it until breakfast. I’ll be face down in my pancakes when my husband finally wakes from his magical slumber…

Thanks for reading! Hugs!

-Mama Kuddo

Photos were taken by me.

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